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TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System (A-01-01)

MSRP: $299.00

Designed with the motorcyclist in mind, the TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System is water, shock, and
vibration resistant. The Main Console features oversized buttons for ease of use with riding gloves. Its large,
angled, top-positioned LCD optimizes viewing from all riding positions and is easily viewable in direct sunlight.

The System comes with a brightness adjustable LED
Visual Alert and can also be used with the optional TPX™
Wireless Headset. The Main Console is powered directly from the motorcycle’s battery with the included Wiring
Harness. The harness has a 3.5mm mono auxiliary-out jack for integration with other audio or communication
systems. Mounting to an
AdaptivMount™ or almost any other third-party mount is easily achieved with the
Quick-Release Mount Plate.

The TPX™ System detects all police radar and laser bands and is certified by
Speed Measurement Labs, an
independent laboratory considered to be the leader in the field of radar detector testing.

Key Features

•        Exceptional Radar and Laser Detection
•        Ultra bright, adjustable LED Visual Alert
•        Water Resistant Construction
•        Shock and Vibration Resistant Design
•        Oversize, Backlit Control Buttons
•        Angled, Backlit, Daylight Visible LCD
•        Quick Release mounting mechanism
•        Compatible with other Communication or Sound Systems
•        Simple Installation

Included in the System

•        Main Console
Visual Alert
•        Wiring Harness
•        Quick-Release Mount Plate with Hardware and Double Sided Adhesive Tape
•        Zip Ties

Mounts Not Included
TPX™ Wireless Headset (A-02-01)

MSRP: $70.00

The Wireless Headset alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected by the Main Console in a safe and
effective manner by providing audio beeps through the earphone.
It is designed to fit most full or open face helmets with its earphone attaching to the ear-pocket or between the
linings of the helmet. It is water resistant and is powered by a lithium coin cell battery (included).

Key Features

•        Wireless Communication with TPX™ Main Console
•        Water Resistant Construction
•        Compatible with Most Full and Open Face Helmets
•        Battery Included
•        Easy Battery Replacement

Included in the Wireless Headset

•        Wireless Headset
•        CR2450 Battery
•        Velcro for Helmet Attachment
•        Key Chain Screwdriver
TPX™ Visual Alert (A-02-02)

MSRP: $45.00

The Visual Alert alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected in a safe and effective manner by
providing flashes with its ultra bright LEDs. The LED intensity is easily adjustable from the Main Console to
accommodate varying day and night conditions. The Visual Alert is designed to be mounted on various parts
of the motorcycle where the rider can easily view it, such as high up on the handlebar or on top of the
instrument gauges. It is water resistant and plugs directly into the Wiring Harness.
The Visual Alert is included with the
TPX™ System, and is only necessary for use on additional bikes or to
replace a damaged or lost Visual Alert.

Key Features

•        Compatible with TPX™ Main Console
•        Ultra bright LEDs
•        Adjustable LED Intensity
•        Numerous Mounting Options
•        Water Resistant Construction

Included in the Visual Alert

•        Visual Alert
•        Double-Sided, All-Weather Adhesive Tape
•        Zip Ties
The All New TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System

Introducing the world’s first fully-integrated, portable motorcycle radar and laser detection system. No
more trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. No more missing the alerts. No
more hours of wiring jobs. No more fear of the rain. No more fear of theft. No more microscopic
buttons. No more money, energy, sanity and precious riding hours wasted trying to make automotive
radar detectors work with your bike.

See It. Hear It.

When zooming down the open road with the wind in your face you can’t hear much and you definitely
don’t want to take your eyes off the road. That’s why we developed the Visual Alert and Wireless
Headset as critical components of the system. Not just afterthoughts.

Visual Alert is included with the System and can be mounted just about anywhere on your bike
for optimal viewing. Its bright LED lights flash when radar and laser signals are detected so you don’t
have to take your eyes off the road. With adjustable brightness settings, you’ll be able to see it even
in direct sunlight without being blinded at night.

The optional
Wireless Headset is compatible with most helmets and alerts you to detected radar and
laser signals through its flat speaker that sits inside your helmet. With adjustable volume settings,
you’ll be able to hear the alerts no matter how loud the ambient noise is. Even if you wear ear plugs!


The TPX™ System can be used on any motorcycle. It comes with a Quick-Release Mount Plate,
which attaches to virtually any mount out there. Of course, we recommend using
Got a tinted windscreen? No worries. The TPX™ System will still sniff out radar and laser signals
through them, even if they are heavily tinted. Got a sound system on your bike already? The TPX™
System features an auxiliary output port allowing you to hook it up to whatever sound system you’ve
got. Heck, you can even run a wired headphone to it if you so choose to be tethered to your bike.

What Else?

A lot! The TPX™’s water resistant construction means that you don’t have to worry about shielding it
from the rain. The System comes with a heavy duty
Wiring Harness that easily connects to your bike’
s power source, making installation a breeze. Large buttons are designed so that you can operate it
with riding gloves. Its top-positioned, angled, backlit LCD allows you to actually see the display from
your riding position, day or night. Vibration and shock resistant design ensures that it’ll last on your
bike. It is portable so you can take it with you on your lunch stop and don’t have to worry about theft.
It also means that you can use it on multiple bikes, and even your car (if you have one of those four-
wheeled things).

Certified Performance.

All these features are great for motorcycle use, but does it really work? You bet! They TPX™ System
detects ALL police radar and laser bands. But don’t take our word for it. The System is certified by
Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc., the leading independent evaluator of radar detectors in the
market today. The TPX™ had to go through a rigorous performance evaluation in order to earn this
prestigious certification. A more important measure of the TPX’s™ success though is our thousands
of happy (and ticket-free) customers. Just search your favorite motorcycle forums and you’ll see how
much people love the TPX™ System.

Test results from Speed Measurement Laboratories:

Download PDF (4.4MB)
AdaptivMount™ Sportbike Mounts  (D-01-01 to D-01-09)

MSRP: $85.00                                Specify Mount Part Number From Chart for Your Specific Bike When Ordering

The AdatpivMount™ Sportbike Mounts are designed with a combination of high strength steel and aircraft grade anodized aluminum. Patent pending
AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology greatly reduces vibrations transferred from the bike to the mounted gadget. The double ball-joint design
provides a high degree of freedom for optimal positioning, easy adjustment, and simple installation.

Key Features

•        AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology protects your gadgets
•        High strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction
•        Highly adjustable with the turn of just one screw
•        Simple installation
•        Sleek, compact design
•        Bike specific models
•        Industry standard AMPS hole pattern and camera mounting hole.
•        Mounting Hardware and Double Sided Adhesive Tape included
•        Model specific cradles available for GPS, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, and most other gadgets

Look up Your Specific Mount for Your Bike in our
Mount Chart.
Which Mount do I Need For My Bike?
The All New AdaptivMount™

Vibration is bad. It tends to rattle things out of place and wear things down. Vibration is especially bad
when it breaks things that are not designed to withstand it, such as your GPS, cell phone, MP3 player,
camera, radar detector or that other expensive gizmo that you have mounted on your bike.

This is why we created the AdaptivMount™. The AdaptivMount™ is specifically designed to minimize the
vibration transferred from your bike to your gadget with the patent-pending AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration

How Does It Work?

Traditional mounts have a single top plate that transfers vibrations directly from the bike, through the
mount, right to your gadget. The AdaptivMount™, however, is designed with two plates separated by
AdaptiSorb™ vibration dampers. Your gadget mounts to the top plate only. With this design, the vibrations
are absorbed through the dampers BEFORE they reach your expensive gadget.
Form and Function

Choosing a mounting system has always been a
tradeoff between adjustability, ease of installation,
aesthetics, size, and vibrations. With the
AdaptivMount™, you get it all.

The double ball-joint design provides a high degree
of freedom for optimal positioning, easy adjustment,
and simple installation. High strength steel and
aircraft grade aluminum components ensure a
sturdy connection, while the AdaptiSorb™ Anti-
Vibration technology protects your gadgets in a
sleek, compact design.

Finally, a mount that does it all!
TPX™ Automotive Kit (A-05-03)

MSRP: $29.00

The TPX™ Automotive Kit allows you to use your TPX™ Main Console in your car, light truck, or SUV. It is
designed to be mounted on the dashboard and comes with cigarette lighter adapter cord.

Included in the Automotive Mount

•        Quick-Release Mount Plate
•        Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
•        Velcro
TPX™ Wiring Harness (A-05-01)

MSRP: $35.00

The TPX™ Wiring Harness is compatible with TPX™ Main Console for use on motorcycles.

The Wiring Harness is included with the
TPX™ System, and is only necessary for use on additional bikes, or to
replace a damaged or lost harness.

Included in the Replacement Wiring Harness

•        Wiring Harness
•        Zip Ties
TPX™ Quick-Release Mount Plate (A-05-02)

MSRP: $19.00

The Quick Release Mount Plate provides a sturdy base for the Main Console while allowing for fast removal
when necessary. With the included hardware and all weather adhesive tape, it can be easily secured to any
AdaptivMounts™, or most third party mounts such as Techmount® or RAM® Mount.
The Quick-Release Mount Plate is included with the
TPX™ System, and is only necessary for use on additional
bikes, or to replace a damaged or lost plate.

Included in the Quick-Release Mount Plate

•        Quick-Release Mount Plate
•        Hardware
•        Double Sided, All Weather Adhesive Tape
Optional Purchasing Methods

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Return Policy

Customer service is our top priority. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange your purchase within 30
days of the original purchase date as long as the products are unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging with all original components and

You will be responsible for all shipping charges on your return or exchange unless returning or exchanging defective products. All return shipments
must be sent prepaid by way of a traceable carrier such as UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority Mail with Tracking, etc., and should be insured. Adaptiv
Technologies is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred during return shipping.

To initiate a return or exchange, contact us at or 646-722-0253 ext. 1.

Warranty Policy

Adaptiv Technologies, LLC warrants to the original purchaser that the TPX™ Main Console will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a
period of one year from the date of first consumer purchase. The TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System consists of the Main Console assembly,
the Wiring Harness, and the respective parts of each. Adaptiv Technologies will, at its option, repair or replace a detective TPX™ Main Console upon
delivery to Adaptiv Technologies accompanied by the original sales receipt or other proof of first consumer purchase within the warranty period. You
are responsible for all charges required to ship the product for warranty service, but the return charges will be at Adaptiv Technologies’ expense if
the product is repaired or replaced under warranty. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state
to state.

EXCLUSIONS: This limited warranty does not apply:

1. To any products sold separately (such as any mount assemblies)
2. To any defects caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, modifications, negligence, tampering, or
unauthorized repair
3. In the State of Virginia, the District of Columbia, or in any other country or jurisdiction in which
possession of radar detector equipment is illegal
4. If the serial number label has been altered, defaced, or removed
5. To installation of the unit.


* Some states do not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the
above limitations may not apply to you.